-Dance Photoshoots

Dance Photoshoots

Working with talented and inspirational dancers is one of my favorite things to do. Working with another creative personality allows us to work together to generate great ideas capture the best results! Though I have the coordination of someone tripping up the stairs, I’ve been told that I can hit a pose with the best!…and there are some behind the scenes photos to prove it!! HA!

Our dance photography programs include options for solo dancers, duos and groups, companies and teams, and entire studio volume picture days. I know that we have a photoshoot or photography plan that we can make work for your needs.

New for 2019!!!

We are now offering photoshoot subscription plans!

These plans include multiple shoots throughout the year, exclusive opportunities to be part of specialty photoshoots, brand modeling opportunities, a birthday present and other freebies!

These plans are ideal for dancers that are involved in ambassadorships and brand representation programs.

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