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Wedding Photography

The thing about weddings is that no one is ever the same as the last. Every one has its own emotion, style, and magic. My own wedding was admittedly a tear jerker…or as my grooms men said, it was so hot that their eyes sweat! My wife and I received word the week before our wedding that I had beat my cancer and we revealed it to our friends at our rehearsal dinner. The next day during my vows, “though sickness and health” had a very literal meaning and I struggled to get though it without fully breaking down. She still picks on me now, 15 years later, for that little whimper it took to get it all out.

Having such a strong emotional memory myself is what I channel for each wedding that I photograph. I know that there is a story to your day. Whether it is something you overcame, such as in my case, or maybe just a day of happiness, fun, and family; telling your story is what I strive for. Along with your story, we see the energy and passion you dedicate to your wedding. At every turn making it a true reflection of yourselves. Everything including the little details of the decor, to the venue you have chosen, to that dress that you knew was “the one”…we want to capture it all. From the time you start preparing to that very last dance of the night, there is a wonderful story being written…let us help tell it.

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